The Podcast

So often, artists are interviewed on TV shows, podcasts or in magazines at a peak moment in their career. Not that those moments are not great or that they don’t deserve that recognition but I have a passion to celebrate the moments leading up to that success.

Social Endeavor is about celebrating the artistic process. The ups and downs, insecurities artists face and of course, the pivotal, successful moments too.

The fact that artists self proclaim their artistic skills and choose to grow their natural talents takes a lot of courage. It’s easy to look at someone else’s success and think, “since I’m not as far along in my journey or expertise, maybe I shouldn’t say that I am even part of that profession.” There are so many lies we believe, as artists (or human beings) that are simply not true. Lies that eat away our confidence and prevent us from being who we were created to be.

Here on Social Endeavor, I hope to highlight individual stories of the in-betweens. To provide empathy and encouragement for all the artists out there to let themselves be a beginner, work hard to close the artist gap and live the life of the artists they dream of being.

Thanks for listening!


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