Another Beautiful Fall

Lifestyle, New York

Fall is the best. 

Fall Photo.jpgFor some reason, my life seems to start over in the Fall. Not simply to fulfill the cliche of my name and it being “my time of the year” but many fresh starts have seemed to occur around this time.

Currently, I am writing from my new midtown office. Last week was my last week at the coffee shop as evening manager. I’m relieved and excited to say that after over a year, I am a retired barista. I have accomplished that role and it has been fulfilling in many ways. I had hoped to move up even further in the company but a closed door has lead me here.

Perks about starting at this current job is that it is directly above Grand Central which happens to have my favorite coffee shop; Joe coffee. I can walk right up from the subway, grab my morning coffee and then swipe my way into work. Smooth. One thing I’m most excited about having an office job again is being able to blog. Did you notice the date on my last post?! Don’t worry, I don’t know either. But the point is, it’s been a long ass time.

All I wanted for my birthday was to have a new job and the timing was perfect. I’m so happy, relived and am feeling more hopeful about the upcoming changes; for having evenings again, to dress up for work and to have an overall less stressful job. I’m so grateful. Oh, and my friend just ordered me an amazing edible arrangement. Thanks Sammi!!



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