Summers Are Special

Lifestyle, New York

The whole apartment smells of summer. I’m feeling so emotionally nostalgic, it’s ridiculous. I could be hormonal but I who cares. I can’t figure it out but I’m convinced it’s because of this baby blue and white sky, the chirping birds and the need for fewer layers. This photo perfectly describes me this morning. Basking in this feeling.


Last summer was special. Like to an insane, mind-blowing special. All summer are though, really. I’m coming out of a season, known as winter, that has been really rough. Like you-don’t-know-how-rough-it’s-been-till-you’re-out tough. I think it always is; whether that’s simply the lack of sunlight or in my case, the ungodly early coffeeshop hours, cold, lack of travel (and when I did travel it was to frozen tundra, MN).

Now I work evenings and I think I’m getting into better eating and exercising habits. I just photographed some dear friends proposal which made me dust off the camera. We have a new lovely roommate moving in and I am so thankful for my current roommate, Nora. She is so wonderful. So many positive things but the one thing that overwhelms me today is the hint of spring which quickly escorts summer. And damn, I can’t wait.


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