Put Into Motion

Lifestyle, New York


Right now I am sitting here at my desk, sweating from a 2.3 mile run. It’s 9:07 and I’m a little late for my newly-set daily writing routine. I’ve been struck with the reason of why I run and had to share it immediately. Yes, I run so I can attempt a return to my goal weight/pant size. But why I love and miss physical activity (whether that’s a ass-kicking barre class, heart pumping salsa or a steady run) is because motion encourages or begs more motion. After I run, I don’t want to binge watch Netflix show Love for a second time or raid my cupboards for all the food. Instead, I want to shower and put on makeup because I feel beautiful. I want to write this blogpost because I’m feeling inspired. I want to clean the whole apartment because I have energy and a strong body that can do it! This is why winter is hard. It slows motion. This is why spring is amazing; time for another exhilarating, motion-filled, second chance. Just do it. Something. Today.



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