Seeking Normality

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Living in New York this past year, I’ve quickly learned that the amount of places and people one has access to can make you feel like you’ve lived a lifetime in just a year. Emotions of the year have made me feel the highest highs and lowest lows. Everything that made up 2015 was purposeful, wonderful, scary, joy-filled and adventurous. I love that. It’s more than I could have hoped for.

In 2015 I have

  • Met so many new friends
  • Interviewed some talented artists
  • Moved five times
  • Had four different jobs
  • Traveled in a plane five times
  • Traveled in a bus long distance three times
  • Started a business
  • Photographed for work or fun in
    • Alabama
    • Minnesota
    • All over NY
    • Richmond, VA
    • Long Island, NY
  • I’ve been an explorer and adventurer

Heading into a brand new year, I do have a list of to-dos. I have goals to pay down debt, read more books, maintain the friendships I’ve made, be open to a romantic relationship, grow spiritually, build my business and grow a healthy mindset through yoga, eating less sugar and flossing more. Above all of that though, I want to be constant, stay in one place and just be.

Pressing forward as yourself, not trying to be anyone different, is both a noble goal and accomplishment.  My goal for the year is to be present and steady as much as possible. I’m always open to adventures and I’m also looking forward to the ebb and flow that brings normality.


2 thoughts on “Seeking Normality

  1. Such lovely goals! I’ve had a very stable 2015 and am hoping for a 2016 much like your last year was. I have complete cofidence that you’ll be able to settle and find some routine after all the crazy. Can’t wait to visit you whenever it works out!


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