Write “Did” Lists


A couple people in my life have said we should write a list of things we’ve accomplished instead of always having a to-do list. We are always focusing on what’s next and what hasn’t been done yet that we don’t analyze how full our lives our, how good God has been, how many rich experiences, how many crossed off successes we’ve had. This is a simple post but I challenge you to do it. It can be done in any area of your life; traveling, job, personal, friends or finances. Especially during a time of thanksgiving and the end of the year approaching, it’s important to look back and realize the beautiful life we have instead of fixating on someday arriving– wherever that is. I think after writing this list, you will find out that you already have arrived somewhere great.

_ABK4279 I’m thankful for this day I took this photo and every day I get to create. I am getting closer to becoming “art-sustained.” I have a long way to go but in just six months, I have come so far. I think I will always feel this way so I’m thankful for exactly where I am today.


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