26 Year Old Goals


Coming up on one year in New York and one more year of life, I have new dreams and visions. I’m so satisfied with my photography business thus far. I’m more confused than ever on what I’m doing and how to do it but looking back on all that has happened, I can’t help but be in awe and thankfulness at the jobs and opportunities I’ve had. That being said, I’m taking a break from it to work hard at my serving jobs for the next three or so months in order to catch up and hopefully get ahead financially. I’m looking forward having a break and seeing what might be around the corner when I have fresh eyes. I’m learning this is all part of the freelance hustle and doing practical things are just as substantial as shooting 24/7 or instagraming everyday. So, here’s to dreaming big in my new year of living life!

26 Year Old Dreaming Big List

  • Create a photography tour perhaps at the end of a sublease
    • Go to 5 locations/states/countries (dream big, right?)
  • Do 10 Weddings (Never thought I would agree to this. Past Autumn is disappointed but I think she would also be proud at my bravery)
  • Do 10 Editorial shoots
  • Work with The Great Discontent
  • Work with Darling Magazine
  • Become a part of a studio…not sure what this looks like but I would love some support from fellow photographers and I know it’s out there.
  • Take a class from International Center of Photography. Currently, I’m accumulating hours to become a teaching assistant. Long story but there’s another door I’m halfway through.
  • Become all-but-college-debt-free. Chiseling away at the college ones and want to knock the other ones out of the park.
  • Read 1 book a month (I totally fell of the reading wagon last year. Moving really throws you for a loop.)
  • Get a tattoo – That’s a new one!
  • Work out three times a week; for reals.
  • Call Grandma more often.
  • Eat less carbs/sugar and drink more water
  • Be a kick-ass barista and server at survivor jobs.

What are some new goals? Do you make birthday resolutions?


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