Faith Falls

Poem A Day

Look at that tall window
There are two in a row
Open eyes to the street
Mirroring brownstone symmetry

Hells Kitchen horns
Replaced by Harlem birds
Newness, life, here, now
Moment awaited for

Can’t wait to know you
Can’t wait to serve you
Can’t wait to live you
Can’t wait to love you

Feeling fresh as the rain
Calm as the clouds
but ready for the change
it promises. Soon.

A life chapter pealed back
Just a little look
Author writes a little more
The rest is hidden

A dose of faith,
Where steps quicken
Faith catches up and
Faith falls abound

Leaping travelers on the road
Seeing sunsets and clouds
Seeing just one horizon
Seeing only one way

The leaper leaps, falls
Caught by preserved, hidden wings
They spread full and strong
Unknowing strength enabled

All have wings, though unaware
To use, one must first fall
Experiencing the weightless,
pre-death feeling.

None will die but one must first fall
The faith fall that brings one higher
It is not failure to fall,
Only failure to not.


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