Happy Friday; An Honest Post

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Hello Friends!

After 5 solid poetry days, I fell off the bandwagon. Looking back, I wish I had just done poetry and not tried to match it with an image because that’s just a little harder. But moving onward. I’m still writing and I’ll get back to posting asap.

Life has been unpredictable as of late. I am finishing up a photography contract and then will be doing some traveling. I have some great artists lined up for the podcast and I’m starting to formulate some concrete goals for the show. Also, if you know of anyone who can create a show-tune, please let me know. I’m clueless but I think that would make an awesome addition to the program.

This summer has been great and unlike any others. I’ve been living more spontaneously and literally taking one step at a time when it comes to finances, jobs, friends, activities, explorations. There are seasons for a planned out life and then there are times for allowing plans to develop organically. It feels right at this time. I have become way more open-minded towards many things; what I think my summer should look like, how many books I should be reading (never enough) where I should live, where I should invest time.

When unexpected, magical moments happen, they are most accurately captured by a photo that I snap or by poetry. Poetry is like a friend that comes in and out of my life. When I let my life fall into place, I notice those moments more that can’t help but be explained through simplified words. There’s no other way to communicate those feelings but concisely. And how magically they transport me back.

How is your summer going? Are you checking off your bucket list? Have you had some great adventures? What books have you read? Any poetry waxing?

Much love to you creators, -A.K.


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