Poem – A – Day

Poem A Day

Last year I did a Sketch-a-day project for the month of September. See the sketches here. Today, I am starting a poem-a-day for this month of August. Poetry is like a visiting friend and was gone for quite a few years. Lately, it’s been a huge influence in my creative work; it feels like I am thinking in prose at all times. So I thought, why not channel that daily, if possible. Follow my photography Facebook Page for the daily posts. At the end I might upload them into a blogpost on Social Endeavor or my photography blog. I’ll keep you posted.

Here is day one;

White Space

Vastness intimidates
Instead, images found from
shapes, textures, patterns
Life, movement, memories

In a blank field,
I am art myself
Give me city streets
this canvas; a full one

Windows, doors, traffic signs,
sidewalk cracks,
the sun shades
and colors the brick

Smiles, looks, dances
reading books
A long stare on
the galleries white spaceWhitney Museum-28 copy

Are there any daily creative challenges that are inspiring you?


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