Where Are You Happy?


Where are you right now, happy in your heart?

We all have longing and emptiness in our souls. Some believe that they can achive 100% happiness here on earth. Some believe it’s a place in this world. Some believe it’s in a different world. Some believe in a Heaven.

While we are on our way to a final destination, there are places we would settle for until then. A taste of what’s to come. A sliver of the cake. Where are you happy tonight? Are you there now? Are you somewhere in your heart and hopeful for what could be? What does that place feel like? Does it make you feel warmth, belonging, safety, beauty, busyness, openness, rain, quiet? Where is that place?

For me. I am longing for a feeling of giving and sharing. I want to be cooking in a kitchen something wonderful with friends on their way over. I want to be surrounded by music that celebrates love, joy, possibility and dancing. I long to hear talking, laughing, eating and the opening of a wine bottle. Smelling candles, sharing dreams, talking about faith for what is unseen, caring for others through storytelling.

Doesn’t matter with who, where or why. Just to know and be known. That is the greatest.

I imagine it in a flat in Italy, my grandparents house that is now empty, a treehouse of my childhood imagination, an apartment on the tallest hill of San Francisco, a humble home in Argentina, the brick backyard patio of my old Minneapolis home, a New York City rooftop, on picnic blankets along a quiet river or below backyard string lights.

In these places of my heart, I’m happy. Though these are unseen. This, my friends is faith.


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