To Begin, Begin


Do you ever feel like it’s too late to start a project that you’ve wanted to do? Or that you’ve been sitting on an idea for such a long time you feel like you’ve missed the boat? Or do you feel that if you start your great idea, it’s not going to turn out as amazing as you hoped and therefore you just don’t do it?

I was faced with this crippling thought again today with my to do list. Feeling like I’m falling behind in the “hustle” makes me not want to do “the thing” or anything close to “the thing.” It becomes a fight for courage and motivation. At every stage of the artist (or life) journey, no matter how successful we are or become, we may always have this feeling. We have great ideas but then when we don’t do them as quickly to meet our own expectations, self doubt creeps in and tells us to not even bother.

It’s normal to feel late in attempting something due to fear of failure, comparison of others, pure procrastination or intimidation of the project itself. However, attempting your goal at the moment that you find the courage will not be too late but might actually be the exact right time. Start today. What in the world do you have to loose? The only possible worst thing would be is not try at all so…

“To begin, begin.” William Wordsworth


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