A Subway Artist

Lifestyle, New York

One day at Grand Central Terminal, I witnessed the most spontaneously, beautiful experience I have had since coming to New York. Maybe it was a “movie moment” or whatever but listing the ingredients of the moment does not even come close to what I felt in my heart. It was so precious, it moved me to tears even now thinking back on it. It’s a memory I hope I will never forget.

I was waiting a long time for the train. I had just finished my notary public test and was heading back to the office. Whenever I take an unexpected route or out-of-the way route, I almost ALWAYS stumble upon a musician who takes my breath away. And this day, it happened again. While standing on the platform, I heard an accordion begin to play music that sounded like he just came from a Paris sidewalk. It was echoing so fully through the tunnel. The symmetry of the lights framed him perfectly in the middle of the platform and he looked so peaceful as if the music was coming right out of his heart. There was an overwhelming sense of peace, calmness and quiet gratefulness for the music from the people around him. Like rain, the music slowed the movement of the day so that the people couldn’t help but be still and observe the breathtaking beauty around them. I became so happy that the train was taking so long because all I wanted to do was sit and listen to him all day. What was also so profound about the whole scene was that this man was very talented and his stage was a subway platform. When musicians choose a subway as their stage or opera house, it speaks volumes of inspiration to me that people are so very passionate about their art and all they want, aside from a few dollars, is for someone to hear.


This has been a draft in the queue for a while but it’s still a favorite memory.


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