A ‘Single’ Thought


When thinking about who I might end up being with for the rest of my life, I’ve always wondered if I could be with an artist like an actor or someone whose livelihood depended on unpredictability and job unstability. Whose characteristics were embodied by emotions and inspiration. Who finds humor and significance in the mundane. I’ve wondered whether their life would be too undefined for me. I’ve also realized that life in general, even if you have a stable 9-5 job, is unpredictable and the more I consider a freelance lifestyle, I’ve realized; I am that person. Not in a depressing way at all but, what kind of person would choose to be with me?

This changes things.

Would I then, be with someone whose lifestyle is just as unpredictable as mine or would their lifestyle/career be the “stable” one that would balance us out?

Among the artists couples I know, I’ve seen one partner as the artist and one take a non-artist career role. I’ve also seen couples who do photography or film-making together and produce their art together. I think that the latter situation would be cool. But, you never know. For now, I’m happily single and I’m seeking faith and hope in unpredictability…in all life areas.


3 thoughts on “A ‘Single’ Thought

  1. The unpredictability (and uncontrollability!) of my romantic future is so hard to accept. It’s crazy to think that the person who will probably have the greatest impact on my future is probably someone I haven’t even met yet!

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