Spring Goals


It’s actually starting to FEEL like spring so it’s also time to roll out some Spring goals. This one is so full of changes and new possibilities. I’m very much looking forward to living it!

Eating / One salad a day
Drinking / Coffee at coffee shops all over NY
Practicing / Efficient communication with people
Mastering / Taking risks in my life (it’s so invigorating)
Learning / How to work hard AND have faith for the success
Trying / To be brave in not caring about what people think
Playing / All over NY and exploring with my little sister
Finishing / My position at current job #finally #yay
Reading / Photography job postings on NYFA
Remembering / That God is for me (Psalm 56:9)
Wearing / One less scarf. Ready to ditch the winter coat
Cooking / Muffins during my vacation home next week
Working / On becoming a paid photojournalist
Traveling / To AL for a paid photoshoot, then to MN
Wanting / To travel to Montreal this summer

What are your Spring goals?


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