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About a week and a half ago, I got my wisdom teeth removed, spontaneously. I was in such a hurry to get them taken care of because of insurance purposes and job uncertainty (I hated my job but it’s getting better). Going through it though, I really think I needed that surgery. Obviously I did for medical purposes but it wasn’t a total emergency.

The lessons I learned in the healing time were very valuable and I will write them as I recall them. The first one that has come back to me since that miserable time was about a man I met at a bus stop.

Two days after the surgery, my friend Toby from Minneapolis was in town with his friend Tyler. They were on their way to a tour around the world. While I was debating whether to take the bus or just walk it (a frequent decision to make), a businessman behind me said, “it’ll be here in five minutes. I texted the number that tells you the arrival time.” I decided to wait since my mouth was extremely sore and walking actually hurt.

He began to ask me about myself and share his life experience as a new yorker. He asked how adjusting to the city was, where I was from, what my dreams were. He encouraged me, “You just have to make the cold calls afterhours so you can leave a clear, strong message and you don’t have to try and get passed an administrative assistant.”

He is a businessman on Wall Street who works with renewable energy. His daughter was studying architecture but thinks she wants to do design instead. The thing with New Yorkers is that yes, some are very rude and find “NY implants” annoying or there are genuinly kind people who are honored to live here AND share it with the people who come.

Later, when Toby asked me what the thing I like the least and the most about New York, my answer was one in the same; the people.

It is so hard to connect and stay in people’s lives. Consistency is hard. But then my answer was also the same, the magic of a *meet cute of conversations that make one feel noticed and known. That moment where you are not alone. The power of connections intrigues me. Remember that girl that I met at the NYPL and how she invited me to the Met Museum? And remember how I also talked with the staff photographer there and she offered to connect me with a photographer who could help me? Well, today, I had a coffee chat with the Photography Editor of NBC news at 30 Rock.

This is not only the power of New York, this is the power of God. My faith has been strengthened in ways I never thought it would be. Pressure to succeed here is enormous but that pressure is also lifted from me when I see the weaving of an all-knowing God.

*Remember that part when the old man, Arthur meets Iris and deems it a “meet cute”


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