The Webster Apartments

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New Yorkers are always surprised to hear about where I live. They are even more surprised that I discovered The Webster from someone in MN!

The Webster is conveniently located in Hells Kitchen. Many girls who visit are here for short term internships or school. I’ve learned a lot about other cultures and travel since many are from other countries as well. It feels very dorm-like with their movie nights and occasionally culturally themed dinners. It’s a wonderful place to transition into the city.

If you are visiting New York (as a woman), you can book a room as well so keep that in mind. If you’re thinking of moving to New York, I’ve included a list of other women’s apartments below for future reference.

Here are some Webster snapshots

The Rooftop is a wonderful place to see some rare, open sky.


I took this picture when I first visited in October.


The rooftop…


A beautiful morning.


There are lots of common rooms to share wine, watch movies or hang out since room sizes are a little tight.


The “grand staircase”


View from my bedroom on snowday.


Here we are planning for restaurant week.


There are still traces of the “olden days.” The Webster was built in 1923.


One day, in the middle of winter, there were fireworks. Random and glad they were fireworks, not something else.


Our first “wine on the patio” night. Chilly but still a beautiful night.



Other women’s apartments in New York;

After checking all of these out online, I think the Webster is the best.


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