What Goes Around?


Vinyl Records

I walked through Urban Outfitters the other day and was astounded by the huge record section featuring Megan Trainer, Coldplay and the soundtrack of The Great Gatsby to name a few.

I thought, “Wait, what?? Is this really becoming a thing now?”

I must say, props to my former roommate, Lauren. She was “ahead of the times” as her and her friends had consistent “Vinyl Nights” which included drinking a choice adult beverage to match the mood while listening to today’s hits in the new/old fashioned way.

At the time, about a year ago, I had no idea how much of a “cool kid” trend this pastime was turning into. At first I was skeptical about it really being a “thing” because I thought it would be too expensive to sustain. But as the culture seems to be gravitating towards it, the demand might make it more affordable again.

It’s amazing with the “digital age” how much people are starting to crave tangible artifacts to hold in their hands. It’s becoming a novelty to have music in huge, round, nostalgic form instead of stuck on the iPod playlist.

It is a little weird to be a part of this cycle at this point in my life. A loop that I didn’t foresee circling back yet or at all. My childhood briefly included record players and now, who knows, maybe records will be at the slight beginning of my child’s life. (Or children who are children right now as I have none. My point still stands.)

At first, I didn’t pay too much attention to this change but now I’m starting to watch and embrace it as it oddly gives me hope. Why? Because of the seeming lack of physical social interaction among…people. These things have the potential to offer a shift back into human interaction.

With headphones, iTunes and stupid kindles (sorry if you’re a fan), I started to feel a sense of loss. A loss of touch and connectivity. However, I have a renewed sense of hope that the American culture will once again embrace the physical world and seek shared human experiences. So cheers – to more Vinyl Nights!

What do you think of the old/new record trend?


2 thoughts on “What Goes Around?

  1. As a person who owns a record player, I am definitely a fan. There is something so wonderful about having to flip the record to hear more songs and that slight fuzzy sound as the needle picks up a spec of dust. There is nothing like it – especially on a cold and rainy day.


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