Life Is Beautiful

Lifestyle, New York

This morning I passed by Madman Espresso coffee shop and almost didn’t go in. This is the fourth day in a row this week I had a muffin craving and gave in. Don’t judge. Believe me, it’s really hard to pass by easily 10 beautiful bakeries every single day and not go in. I only ate half of my banana chocolate chip muffin today and I’m saving the rest for tomorrow. Oof. So worth it though. And since I walk two miles a day, the calories are justified. Almost.

As soon as I stepped in the shop, french music was playing and I was greeted by two lovely french accented baristas. The stark contrast of the bustling streets to a serene coffee shop is astounding, surprising and always welcome. I purchased my muffin, turned around and read their “Life is Beautiful” banner that was hung over the door. My day would have been a little different had I not gone in for this mini-Paris experience that I wish could have lasted longer than five minutes. What a sweet reminder to pause and remember that wonderful truth.

So let me know when you’re in town and we can go out for muffins together. I found the perfect spot.

Been a rough week "resisting" my muffin obsession. This place understands me. Although I have crazy hair before AND after coffee. ;) #madmancoffee #coffee #nyc #morning #coffeeshop #madmanespresso


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