Podcast Review: January

Podcast Reviews

At the beginning of the month, I started this post and added to it as the month went on. This might be a monthly recap on the blog as I am still obsessed with the art of podcasting.

Riverside Voice

My friend Lauren, author of her personal blog and contributor to Riverside Voice has recently started a podcast. Since last month, I’ve caught up on all the episodes and am enjoying hearing from a friend all the way across the country. Check them out!

The Ensemblist

As soon as I tweeted out to The Theater People podcast from last months Podcast Reviews, I got a “favorite” from The Ensemblist, who’s podcast now has been added to the list. I reached out to them, had a fantastic conversation over drinks and shared my vision for theater photojournalism. Developments from that meeting will be revealed soon!

The Bowery Boys

I asked Nika and Mo, creators of The Ensemblist, what their favorite podcasts were and this was one of them. It’s a great show that tours through New York, its events and history. It’s easier for me to listen to it when I’m near a computer as opposed to during my commute so I can research the many places in New York they reference. on the show.

This is Your Life

I heard of this podcast through my blogging and life friend, Morgan author of The Otter Dance. This is SUCH a great show on living an intentional life. There are so many topics that speak to small businesses, blogging and practical tips such as making effective goals.

Have you discovered any new podcasts?


2 thoughts on “Podcast Review: January

  1. Thanks for the shoutout! We finally posted a new episode yesterday 🙂 I recently started listening to Gilmore Guys, which is hilarious – two twentysomething dudes talking about Gilmore Girls.


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