The Coziest Feeling

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Winter window view.<br />
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You may or may not have seen on the news that on Monday into Tuesday, New York was presumably set to experience the biggest blizzard in history. We didn’t but the anticipation of it was quite a cozy experience.

On Monday afternoon, I rushed home early, along with all the rest of New York to I settle inside for the next 48 hours. I was so excited to start the book I just got from the library or open that bottle of wine I picked up and watch a movie.

The kind of happiness that I felt was different from any other day off. If it had been a random holiday day off, I would feel obligated to be out exploring the city and cross off those museums and landmarks that I haven’t seen yet. But Monday was different. It was the feeling I get when it rains when it forces me inside to be still and to reflect.

The power of it happening in New York was an extra special experience. I mean, it’s the city that never sleeps. At 6:00 pm, I would normally be hearing the rush hour traffic heading home but instead just stillness. The occasional snowplows went by and I could see many apartment windows lit up across the street with TVs of other people who have also settled in. It was wonderful.

Aside from a mental break, it was a great rest for my body. New York is full of hard working people. Not all of that is by career standards but physically too. It’s hard work to live here! Even taking the subway requires multiple flights of stairs and sometimes I feel the effect of the commute in my body. Oddly though, it gives me a sense that I’ve earned my way to live here, as my New York friend empathizes. I’m working hard for my place in New York in mind, body and spirit. With days like these, it is very rewarding.


4 thoughts on “The Coziest Feeling

  1. It looks like Boston got hit a lot harder than you guys did – the pictures of NYC were kinda funny after all the hype of the snowstorm.

    Still, a random day off is lovely, especially a day off where you feel no pressure to do anything but nest 🙂


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