How to Finish Your To-Do List


We are nearing the end of January and I have a few more things on this month’s to-do list that I keep skipping over and all that’s left are the things I don’t really want to do but still have to. Today, I’ve decided to write some ideas on how to get these items done. To be honest, this an attempt to motivate myself and I hope it helps you too.

  • Change Your Environment: If you are procrastinating on making those website changes or writing those blog posts, go to a coffee shop or a library that you’ve never been to. Find a new place to plant yourself for a couple of hours which might help you concentrate better than if you were at home where it can be easy to get distracted.
  • Give yourself a time frame: I’ve had a month to do these last few things yet they are not getting done so I decided I need to create a smaller list for them that gives me a stronger sense of urgency such as two days instead of seven now.
  • Reward yourself. Seems logical and a little childish but it totally motivates me. For example, this weekend, I plan to make a short list of those things I’ve been putting off and if I complete them, I will treat myself to a muffin for breakfast on Monday.

What are some ways that help you get your to-do list done?


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