A Note To Yourself


I am reading a lovely book called Spirited in which the reader is encouraged to do writing exercises in pursuit of finding and being their true self. In one of the chapters, there is a place to write an encouragement to oneself with an 80-year-old-perspective. Whoa. It’s hard to even fathom that, right? The goal here is to imagine a life-long strength or dream that your 80-year-old-self would have wanted you to do more of and would encourage your current self to pursue, if that makes sense?

Two years ago, I did something similar and wrote a letter to my future self asking myself to do everything possible to move to NYC once I had the opportunity. Now, reading that letter, it feels weird but in a really awesome way that I could now “write back” to my past self saying, “I/we did it! My/our dream came true!”

I don’t do this exercise a lot but this morning I was feeling really down so as I waited for the workday to start, I wrote myself an e-mail with the perspective of my 30-year-old-self. Lately, I’ve decided on one big goal that I want to accomplish in five years that I’m not sure if it will come true. I wrote to encourage myself as if I’ve already succeeded in it and what I would tell myself now to keep going.

It was oddly encouraging because as I wrote, the main thing I said was a reminder of who I am and who I’ve been created to be. A reminder of who I am spiritually and what my god-given strengths and talents are. I know that I will succeed, maybe not in the way I view my 30-year-old success right now, but by being true to my life values that I believe are most important, I will succeed. I was re-inspired to match my pursuit of my goal with prayer because I know it will all work together for the best, whatever way that ends up looking like.

I encourage you to do that – whether you’re writing to yourself five years from now or sixty years from now. I think you might find something you didn’t know about yourself and it will help you as you one day get there.


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