Taking The Lead

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I just finished a book by one of my favorite Dancing With The Stars pros, Derek Hough. I follow him on instagram and we share the same tagline; Created to Create so I knew we were kindred spirits in some way. I discovered his biography in Barnes and Noble and immediately ordered it from the library.

He is so inspiring to me in the way that in his life, he is unwilling to settle. He pushes to his potential and then some. He believes in being true to his talents but also when there is something he does not know how to do, he replaces fear with curiosity in order to conquer his inibility.

I highly recommend this read. It’s a positive and motivational book through and through even if your interest is not ballroom dancing. The biggest takeaway I got from it was to be openminded to possibilities in life. He turned down the offer to be on DWTS at least twice! Yet, once he agreed, it became a huge milestone in his career and personal life.

Also, don’t let one thing or interest define you. He has a very intense personality and he pours himself into things 110%. His effort matched with curiosity has allowed him to take many different paths that he never intended to be on by being open to new challenges.

Personally, I’ve been thinking more about becoming a freelance photographer. Along with my strengths that I mentioned in a previous post and a renewed sense of curiosity, I can’t help but wonder what kind of life I would have. I don’t want to romanticize quitting my administrative job to work in a coffee shop while networking and doing random gigs in order to get started but it is one of those things that I constantly wonder about. I wonder if photography should just be a hobby or a career for me. Freelancing was my first career goal when I was 16 years old and I can’t help but wonder why I wouldn’t give myself that chance now. I’ve learned so much since then and have articulated my niche better.  After reading Derek’s book, he makes anything I put my mind to feel possible. So maybe it is?


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