We’ve Always Got the Fight in Us

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Here is a new favorite song I discovered as I drove around on my vacay in Minneapolis last week. Driving is something I haven’t been able to do for a while and I really miss that because it gives me a chance to listen to the radio and discover new music that way.

Afterlife by Ingrid Michaelson isn’t a new release but somehow I heard it with fresh ears and it became my courageous, girl-power song as I mentally prepared to return to New York. Although I have moments of sadness for being apart from my family and friends whom I love SO much, I also became so excited and hopeful to get back to this New York living thing I started.

I thought to myself, if I quit and went back to Minneapolis right now, it would feel like NYC didn’t even happen. Though at times I felt discouraged, I needed to go back to make a dent in my life and create some memories. Heck, I haven’t even made a friend yet and I know there is one here for me. I got so inspired and am convinced that there is a community here; church, dancing and photography community that I can’t wait to find. It’s now my goal to not leave until I do.

After all, we’re gonna be alright…we’ve always got the fight in us.


3 thoughts on “We’ve Always Got the Fight in Us

  1. Yes yes! All of that great stuff is absolutely there waiting for your there in NYC. I’ve found that the best thing about moving is creating a new home/family, and that’s SUPER hard but also crazy rewarding.

    I went to Seattle for a long weekend about two weeks after moving to MN, and getting back on that plane was hard. And that first night back was the night I met my Minneapolis bestie Kate!


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