Talent Finders


A source of inspiration from my MN trip I took last week was from a friend whose career I admire. Her career isn’t admirable just because of the job title or perceived income but how she was able to (by God’s intelligent design) narrow her job focus until her strengths became the defining factor in her current position.

Through a series of job experiences, she’s been able to get seemingly closer and closer to, what one might call a “dream job.” A dream job to me, and probably most people, is working in a field where strengths are used as much as possible in order to feel most fulfilled.

Since I’ve been struggling to discern what my career goals should be and what my strengths are, this friend encouraged me to buy Strengths Finder by Tom Rath and to take the test that comes with it. I had read the book before but it was not as useful to me because I wasn’t “diagnosed.”  So before I left MN, I went to the Mall of America, Barnes and Noble and bought the book. In it, Rath reports that the chances of being actively disengaged in a job where your boss ignores you is 40%, focuses on your weakness is 22% and focuses on your strengths is 1%. I found myself in a couple of those categories and decided that taking this test was a tangible way I can try and make a change for the better in my career this year in order to be in a place where I want to be 100% engaged in my work.

I took the test and found that my strengths are;

  • Futuristic
  • Focus
  • Connectedness
  • Developer
  • Discipline

What’s fascinating to me about the test is that I knew these things about myself and you probably could label yourself similarly, but I had never understood how to make these strengths, also called talents in the book, into a career. I still don’t know exactly what job titles I should look for in the future yet, but I feel like I am closer to finding that out.

For example, I knew that a strength of mine was connectedness; I love seeing people together for…anything! A house party, birthday party, book club, bible study…I love uniting people. Now, the challenge is to be creative and figure how to grow my strengths in my current job and/or seek opportunities out in a future position.

Have you taken the Strength Finders test? What are your Strengths?


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