To Friends That Leave You Changed


This past weekend, I was in a wedding of two amazing friends. There were many special moments of the day; all the girls getting ready in the morning with Spyhouse Coffee in hand, taking adorable pictures in the 30 degree temperatures and seeing the lovely teary-eyed bride walk down the isle to her groom.

One moment in particular that resonated with me was during the best mans speech. His witty, clever and sentimental speech made people laugh and tear up, especially when he said this; [friends are ones that you have fun with etc. but] good friends are ones that leave you changed. How true. Both the bride and groom are amazing friends to each other and to those around them and I believe this life truth is relatable for everyone. I think we’ve all had that friend or set of friends that you can’t imagine living without. Ones that inspire you, push you, pray for you, challenge you and make you want to be a better friend because of how amazing they are.

As I, personally embark on a journey of making new friends, while keeping the old ones, I hope to be a friend that leaves someone changed for good. I hope to inspire, encourage and motivate someone new. Even though, as an introvert, it’s sometimes hard to step out there to make those new connections, I was filled with hope for the future of friends.

So, cheers – to old and new friends and to ones that leave you changed!


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