Pipe Dreams


Pipe Dream: a hope, wish, or dream that is impossible to achieve or not practical

Amidst the busyness of the Christmas activities, my uncle and I had an inspiring conversation about pipe dreams. As he was bringing me back to the bus station for NY, we stopped by a house on a hill that had a breathtaking view of the city lights.  The city of Allentown; small but the lights were vast and bright. His dream is to buy a house there. Perhaps unrealistic with all the steps and processes to get to that pipe dream but it could happen. It got me thinking that maybe I should have a pipe dream because, well, what if it happened?

If you had asked me a year ago what my pipe dream was, I think it would have been to move to New York City. That recently happened and so I’m kind of in a “what’s next” phase. I do need to set some goals for the new year to try and accomplish some things here but as far as a crazy life dream, that’s a little harder.

The definition of a pipe dream seems a little depressing though. Some people (like me) might look at it and think, why even have them if it probably won’t happen? While other people might see pipe dreams as a challenge to aim for something totally ridiculously unrealistic and work so hard to get there because, truly, what is impossible?

One thing I do notice about goals and dreams when you set them, you subconsciously (and consciously) make choices in your life that lead you to that end. If your dream is to move to a different state or country, you think twice about job hunting or accepting a job where you currently are because what if that opportunity somewhere else presents itself?

Personally I set dreams and work hard to get there. All the while, I ask God for the fruition of my pipe dreams too because he knows me the best and wants my trust ultimately to be Him before I trust any pipe dreams. Knowing this, maybe I’m not one to have a pipe dream so that I don’t get discontent with where I’m at.

If a pipe dream makes you motivated and excited to work hard for your future, I say create a pipe dream! But if you are someone like me who is daunted by unrealistic or extravagant dreams, maybe stick to small goals and attainable dreams. In the end, your life will be perfect, beautiful and complete because you lived it.

What do you think? Do you have a pipe dream?


3 thoughts on “Pipe Dreams

  1. Isn’t that feeling weird after you achieve a goal? I’m trying to figure out my next big step (I like the idea of a “pipe dream” vs. a goal, with goals being sort of steps on the way to your pipe dream). I think I’d like to find a job that’s in PR or some sort of communications but lets me work from home – that way I could travel pretty consistently – I could go home for a month, hang in Spokane for a while, go abroad, live in Minneapolis again for a little bit, visit friends all over, all while still working! That’s the dream, now how to get there…


    1. It is so weird! It’s like, wow, I can’t believe I did that thing that I didn’t think I could do. That’s a good way of looking at the stair-step of the pipe dream. That would be an awesome lifestyle. Come back to MN just for the summer, right? 🙂


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