Photographer // Historian

Book Review, Lifestyle

You know you’ve got a good book when you feel compelled to put it down in order to remember a line by writing it on a post-it note.

From The Hand That First Held Mine by Maggie O’Farrell

“They all have a kind of starkness to them, don’t they? A kind of melancholy.”

“That’s because they’re of the past. All photos of the past look melancholy and wistful precisely because they capture something that’s gone.”

This line was haunting, bittersweet and inspiring all at the same time because of the truth of photographing memories.

I’ve been listening to a podcast “The History of Photography” and learned that the duty (or honor, depending on how you want to look at it) of a photographer is to document history. It is a way of proving that a certain event or feeling actually happened.

Here is a tweet by @elleeffect; “It is such a gift to be a photographer.”

Sometimes I feel conflicted on my role as a photographer. What is the role of my photography in my life – a hobby, potential career or just an obligation that I fulfill at family birthdays? I am endeavoring to find out and for now, with the concept that I am a historian makes me feel honored to fulfill this role as opportunities present themselves.

It IS a gift I can give.

Whatever your gift is; drawing, hospitality, dancing, leadership, I encourage you to see that gift as an honor and pursuing it is part of who you’ve been created to be and to share that with others. It is what makes you feel complete and completely yourself.



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