No Place I’d Rather Be

Lifestyle, New York

I love music. In my world, there is usually a song for everything. I love lyrics, quotes and a good moody melody.

Like movies, songs can be a constant. They have the power to bring back memories of a good time and also can be a source of healing from that tough breakup.

I have a friend who makes a playlist of all his favorite songs from that year as a sort of summary of the year’s memories. How smart is that? If you are someone like me who relates a song to their real-life musical, I highly recommend doing this.

I don’t have a list to share with you as I have yet to take my own advice but I do have a song that will always represent this moment of my life. As I began this chapter of living in New York, I thought I would be filled with a longing and homesickness for Minnesota; my friends, family and my life! Even though I do miss those people, I don’t wish to be there right now. I’ve been filled with so much hope and optimism for my future in New York. There truly is No Place I’d Rather Be!

(I don’t know exactly what this song by Clean Bandit is about, but if New York is the you in the song, than it kind of applies?)

What song is inspiring your life?


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