Podcasting in New York

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Through a series of inspirations; Professor Blastoff (the show I’m most loyal to), The Theater People Podcast and my friend Lauren Campbell, I’ve decided to get back to podcasting. I wasn’t sure if it was something I wanted to do by myself so I thought I would wait for a collaborator. But when I heard Lauren and her friends podcast, Riverside Voice, I got inspired to do this thing again even if it’s by myself for a while.

So, after spending pretty much the whole weekend figuring out how to put my podcast on iTunes, I finally submitted it! Thankfully, Lauren wrote an extremely helpful blog post on how to do this. You can find it here if you’d like to know.

A quote that is encouraging me to continue on in this project is one I found on Pinterest:

“You don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward.”

I hope this encourages you to do the thing you wanted to that may seem daunting at first. Trust me, just do it. It’s so rewarding once you do it. Even if it’s not the best quality material (how I feel about my podcast), it’s something that you did and that’s the important thing.

P.S. I’ve created a survey tab on the blog where you can share podcast topic ideas you think could be a part of the blog. I would love to hear from you!



7 thoughts on “Podcasting in New York

      1. I did talk about photography from time to time. It was kind of a general arts podcast. I would interview different kind of artist, like musicians, painters, photographers ect. It was fun, but it was tuff to keep it going. It was just to time consuming for me since a lot of my time is already dedicated to photography :).


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