Winter Goals


Eating / Too many muffins at cute NY bakeries
Drinking / Less coffee and more Chai Tea
Practicing / Networking professionally and meeting new friends
Mastering / Assertiveness at work
Learning / Photoshop skills
Trying / To make a blogging schedule
Playing / Around with a new style = oversize scarves and leather leggings
Finishing / My Christmas gift and card list already
Reading / Food; A Love Story by Jim Gaffigan
Remembering / That God answers my prayer
Wearing / My new pair of booties and deep red lipstick
Cooking / Nothing = no kitchen currently
Working / On finding a permanent apartment
Traveling / To MN for a friends wedding in January
Wanting / To grow as a photographer; new body, 35mm lens and projects

This is so fun to see the contrast of my Fall Goals list and how it’s changed since moving to New York. As of last week, I finally feel like I can set goals for myself in the coming months. My mindset has switched from “oh my gosh, everything is new” to “my surroundings are familiar now and I can assimilate who I am with who I want to be here.”


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