Three Weeks In NYC

New York


Thoughts on How to walk through large crowds.

[This can also be applied to navigating crowds at the MN State Fair.]

When the light turns green and the walk sign is on (even if it’s not and people decide to charge through the intersection anyways), look down. Especially if it’s a group of twenty or more people walking at the same time, do not make eye contact with anyone. People will magically walk around you. I can almost guarantee this. Once you start making eye contact with people, everyone gets confused and you start doing the back-and-forth dance in the middle of the street. It is especially vital for you to do your part on the weekends when tourists, aka slow, confused walkers figure out directions in the middle of the sidewalk like there’s no one else around.

During the week though,people usually pass in between each other like choreography in a play. I’m sure there’s a word for it when actors weave in between themselves during an opening scene. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. When the headphones are in and you see the walking patterns, it does feel like a Broadway play; “Crossing Broadway – Broadway Style.”

Thoughts on Children: Little people are rarely seen. At least in the daily paths that I take. Since I see them so infrequently, I observe them so attentively. For many reasons; probably because I miss the four most important little people in my life – Kermit, Kember, Liesl and Deitrich. Just yesterday I saw a little boy with his mom who looked just a little bit older than little D.  But another aspect of why I love seeing kids is because of their perspective of the world. As the little boy walked into the subway car, he was so excited about the whole experience and he says, “wow, it smells so good in here!” His mom was like, “Really? Sure!” (clearly agreeing for his sake because the subways rarely smell good).

Another little kid I saw was walking with his parents on the Highline in Chelsea. He was a mini hipster with cute walking boots, tight jeans, a pleather jacket and a real DSLR camera around his neck, just like his dad. Confession: my first thought was honestly, “who would give a kid an expensive camera like that?” But as I began to appreciate it for what it was, I thought, “that is so cool – he is learning how to express himself and be creative using photography (even if it’s an extension of his parents for now). It reminds me that outlets of our creativity has begun many years ago and how it gets stuck inside as adults.


  • Tuesday Night Dancing 11/11. Tuesday is usually my dancing day in Minneapolis so I decided to check out Swing 46 near my apartment. There was a lesson, live band and a handful of people to dance with on the smallish dance floor. While I did enjoy going out to a new venue to do something so naturally fun and social for me, it was a bit of a letdown. Just because 1) I didn’t have any friends to go with, obviously and 2) it wasn’t an experience that made me want to come back. This is where my introvertism gets in the way. Either way, I miss my dancing people and I’ll try again in the future.
  • Wednesday Night Hot Yoga 11/12 I don’t think I’ve written much about The Webster yet. At my apartment, since it’s only women and usually everyone eats breakfast and dinner together, it makes it pretty feasible to meet people. Oh, and it’s extremely international. I’ve met girls from Germany, The Netherlands and Austria. I’m sure there are more countries represented here too that I have yet to meet. Back to the yoga story – I went out with some girls who discovered a hot yoga studio where you pay by the class – $5! Very affordable. Its so nice to get out and do something active (besides walking) and for me, it had been a constant thing in my life in Minneapolis. One of those things that makes me feel grounded. It also made me feel like myself, which I’m trying to find ways to do.
  • Saturday Exploring in the Financial District 11/15 I wanted to visit some outdoor places before it got too cold outside so I went to the financial district and saw the New York Stock Exchange, Federal Reserve (which has one giant locked door protecting all the gold), the charging bull and the Freedom Tower. When I stepped off the subway, I looked down the street and saw it unexpectedly. That is what always happens in New York. I go somewhere with an agenda and then I am surprised by some other thing to see. Whether one moment I’m walking home from work, the next I am shopping at a sample sale. (I live in the Garment District. This could be very good for my wardrobe or very bad for my wallet.) But either way, thats the fun of living here – you just never know what’s going to happen.
  • Saturday Night Speakeasy (kindof)  Later in the evening, some girls at The Webster and I ventured out to China town to visit a speakeasy (also, finally). It was an unfortunate outcome as it would be an hour wait to get in. We settled for a different one a half mile away.
  • Sunday Morning Church 11/16 I went to Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Chelsea, NY which is the church of Tim Keller. While the service was more conservative than I prefer, the message was very good  and a more substantial message than at Hillsong that I attended last week. Nothing against Hillsong, it just wasn’t my preference.

Note on all the Walking: I walk. All. The time. After driving a car multiple times a day in MN, the honeymoon phase of that is quickly passing especially with the colder weather coming. On Saturday, I probably walked a total of six miles, maybe more. My eyes are closing just thinking about it. I have lost weight because of it, which is fine and healthy but at the same time, now my clothes don’t so I’m now on a more urgent search for those NY thrift stores!

NYC Highlights:

  • A friend at the webster reported a Liam Hemsworth sighting
  • I saw a sidewalk performance of Nick Jonas after work
  • Stumbling upon the Freedom Tower

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