New Life, New York


Warning: Extremely Long Blog Post

I’ve organized this entry for your ease of reading interests.

What? How? Why? 

Exactly a month ago, I received a call from a woman who found my resume on, which is a job search engine site. She asked if I could come in for an interview and since my resume had my friends NY address on it, I had to explain that I was “in the process of moving to NY” and wouldn’t be able to come in quite as soon as she wanted.

That morning, a Tuesday I think, I went into work and shared what had happened to my boss. Immediately, she encouraged me to go and almost made it impossible not to. Looking back, it was a godsend because I was way to scared to do it even though, I would I jump at the chance to go.

[Side note: When your so-called “dream opportunity” is staring you in the face, even then, it’s hard to accept. Why? Is it because you don’t think that something so great could ACTUALLY happen to you so you just bat it away before it has a chance to disappoint you?]

I began to search for flights, found an amazing deal, obviously got the time off work and booked a stay at an Airbnb spot.

In the meantime, I applied, e-mailed and called for as many other New York jobs I could find and managed to line up two more interviews.

On October 5th, I flew out to New York with a billion butterflies in my stomach and a purse full of resumes in a constant state of shock (I still don’t think I’ve recovered since then). This, I would say, was a leap of faith if I ever took one.

On the 6th (my birthday!), I got ready and took the subway from Park Slope, Brooklyn where I was staying to the first interview of the trip for the Administrative Assistant position at Integrated Design Group in Midtown Manhattan. The second interview was in lower Manhattan at Kate Ryan for an bookkeeping role at an editorial photography company.

On the 7th, I toured the Theater District for one more interview at the Manhattan Theater Club for another Bookkeeping position. Three hours after, I was on a flight home.

Within a week, my references were checked and I was offered a job at IDG, an architecture firm. I accepted, of course which meant I had two full weeks to say goodbye to my friends, family and my MN life as I knew it. That’s been one of the hardest things I’ve had to do.

[Side note about saying goodbyes: It’s not just leaving the people you love, but leaving the way that you love them. Sure you can still see them in the future, Lord willing and write, FaceTime and call but making the sacrifice to not see people on a daily or weekly bases, is so hard because you will never get it back. The change is usually a good thing. A very good thing. But still so, so hard.]

My departure date, October 26th was the day before my first day of work. I wanted to stay for my roommates and my third annual Fall [Friend]ly Party because I wanted to see as many people as possible and enjoy the house with it full of people one last time. Hosting events is one of my favorite things about living in our beautiful, spacious Minneapolis home. Sharing that moment with Lauren, Bethany and Abby was extra special. As Abby is getting married in January, it’s now been a pivotal time for both of us, which again, made the night extra bittersweet. This point brings me to….

[A Common Question: When are you coming back to visit? I will not be visiting MN for the holidays but will be coming back for a few quick days in January for Abby’s wedding. January can’t come soon enough!]

Working? Staying? Living? 

After two full weeks at the architecture company, I am enjoying it. I needed a change so bad in my career and it’s a great job! Everyone is really nice, I’m doing interesting work and I am excited to learn about an industry that is constantly designing and developing cities. Especially this city.

I’m staying at the Webster Apartments which is a place in Manhattan for working women. There are girls of all ages and from so many different cultures. I’ve met girls from the Netherlands and Germany. When I sat down with a girl from Texas, I oddly felt closer to home. There are single rooms and shared bathrooms/showers/common areas/dining room (two meals/day are included in the rent).

So Many Thanks

I feel like this is my awards acceptance part of this post but I need to express my thanks to all the people who have helped me. If you are reading this, then you obviously care for me too, in spirit at least and I thank you for that!!

First of all, I want to praise God for all that He has done. People keep saying that they believed that I could do something like moving to New York and they are so proud of me, to which I express my gratitude. However, I must say that it is He who gave me the job, provided a place to stay and friends who took care of me in my first week and sustains me everyday.

Thanks to Amanda (my good friend from Judson College) and Julius for hosting me at their home in Jamaica, Queens. Amanda took the route to work with me on my first day, made sure I was well fed, provided daily encouragement and NY survival tips! 😉 Last Saturday, I got a severe migraine that came out of nowhere and had to go to the hospital because it was so bad. She and Julius brought me to the hospital, waited for me and made sure I felt well enough before they graciously moved me into my apartment the next day. I can’t thank them enough and hope that I can bless them as much. I also hope to pay it forward to someone who needs help in the same way someday. Seriously, it means the world.

Thanks to all my friends in MN from the MPLS dance scene, church, and life friends. Thanks for inspiring me to go have an adventure! I want to list you all but I know I will forget someone and that will make me sad. But I love you all and think of you often. The thing I think when I see cool sights here is, “I wish they were all here to experience this WITH me!” I miss you!! And please let me know if you are in NY. I want to see you! Don’t think that we are not close enough, especially if time goes by. The most important thing to me are my relationships and I value your friendship probably more than you know.

A Thought on Following Your Dreams

Pray. Tell God your desires. Wait for his timing. Take a leap of faith. (Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.) This whole process of this life change has been hard, amazing, stressful, surprising, tiring, hopeful, sad, adventurous and happy. Following your dreams is about following God. Not perfectly but with trust that He is all we need when no one around us even knows our name. God did not act out of a response to what I’ve done, how well I’ve waited, how content I was but out of His grace He gave me an opportunity that I didn’t deserve. I didn’t wait well. I was unhappy in my circumstances. But in the same way He gave me salvation, not by anything I’ve done, He worked in my life better than I could have planned it myself because He is a loving God who loves His children.


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