11. #NeverForget

Sketch A Day

I never thought I would be drawing the Twin Towers…ever. It was interesting that no one at my office mentioned the September 11th tragedy. I am pretty connected to Twitter and Facebook but rarely watch the news or listen to talk radio. It is fascinating to see how quickly people forget our history. History that is just over a couple years old. Reading a couple of stories on Twitter, I feel devastated and I am about the farthest removed from the attack as I could possibly be. But I always want to remember the unwilling sacrifice people made of their friends, family members, coworkers…and the people who continue to sacrifice their lives for our country’s safety – today! Life. It’s taken for granted. I hope to never forget this tragedy. I also hope to never forget God’s faithfulness to me and his children and how he is coming soon to rid of this world of all evil – around us and in ourselves.



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