Creative Blog Hop


What are you creating or working on?

Social Endeavor: Right now I’m working on a sketch-a-day project where I draw one sketch of anything I come across or think of. I’m not a sketcher by nature so the purpose of the project is to stretch myself creatively in trying something I know that I’m not naturally good at. I want my life to be about going beyond my comfort zone. I hate being stuck by telling myself I can’t do something because I’m not good at it. So take that, self!

Autumn Kovach Photography: I’m working more on networking with other photographers as I am considering pursuing photography as a career. There, I said it! I’ve always wanted to be a professional photographer but I’m just not sure what that looks like yet. Hopefully it’ll bring me down the commercial route. We’ll see. As far as actual projects go, I collaborate with Morgan, author of The Otter Dance (who also tagged me in this blog hop) and provide her fashion outfit shots. I love this partnership and I want to do more projects that promote other artists and their passions.

How does your work differ from others in its genre?

Social Endeavor: The mission of this blog is to inspire others by what inspires me. Whether that’s encouraging a reader to take yourself on an “artist date” or challenging others to do a particular project every every single day, starting a podcast, interviewing people or reading books. I’m still on the look out for a great social experiment. If you think of any, let me know.

Autumn Kovach Photography: Well, I try to make my work differ from others by helping people see common things in a way they haven’t before. I enjoy taking common place items and drawing out the beauty of it whether that’s through great lighting or arranging myself so the things around the subject highlight what I want people to see. I would describe my goal when photographing people is, “capturing the true emotion of the moment.”

How does my creative process work?

I try to keep both my blogs low maintenance. I never want to feel like I owe anyone or anything my time but just knowing that my blogs are here and ready to be filled motivates me to put my work out there. By craving to be inspired and grow as an artist/photographer, I can’t help but share that to the “world” -whoever that may be. I think I’ve truly found my creative outlet in both of these places – to share my thoughts through words on Social Endeavor and my thoughts through pictures on Autumn Kovach Photography.

What other creative people would you like to introduce to your readers?

I admire a couple photography blogs and am on the hunt for more simply because I want to develop more of a community to be inspired by:

Bleubird: This is a blog written by James, a wife and mother of four kids. Her photography is amazing. It’s very whimsical, crisp and hippy-ish. James does many shots with high-key lighting and the way she crops her photos is so inventive. She also has a little girl named Birdie which I think is the cutest thing in the world.

Ryan Stadler: I do not know Ryan very well but we are connected through our church. I really like his style and refer to his blog occasionally for inspiration. His family/wedding/portrait sessions have a very photojournalistic feel and where he puts the focus of his images is often pleasantly surprising.

How does your creative process work?



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