Where Would You Live?


On the podcast that I tune into periodically, Professor Blastoff, the guest, Adrian Todd Zungia posed a question for the comedians that I LOVED. (*I’m obsessed with good questions.*) He mentioned that he asked this “what if” question on a date, which I have also done when conversation was waning. Date=saved. He asked, where would you live for:

For One Week?

For One Month?

For One Year?

For my answers, I’m going off of a theme of dances I love and their origination because how can one possibly pick just three places? My top favorite dances are the salsa, tango and the waltz SO I would want to live in

New York for one week, where salsa dancing originated

Argentina for one month, where the tango dance came from.

England for one year where waltzing is most authentic.

First date coming up? Think of a good question, or use this one. I can guarantee that you will NOT run out of things to say.


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