If I Had Five Other Lives, I’d Love To Be…


I’ve recently revisited a wonderful book, “The Artist Way” by Julia Cameron. I will be posting some exercises and inspirations from this book as I discover ways of uncovering my “artist child” as she puts it. Some pieces of advice need to be taken with a grain of salt. This “salt” advice I will give with this exercise below is to write these ideas out with a heart of gratitude for where you are right now because it is exactly where you should be. I struggle with dreaming about the future and wondering/second guessing myself sometimes. I would never want to put anyone in that position of taking for gratitude all that we have been given by God who knows all the things we need AND has provided all we need at this very moment. That being said, I think that this exercise it IS fun to imagine what could have been or what might be, if only in our dreams.

If you had five other lives, you’d love to be…






Mine are:

1. An Actress/Comedian

2. Dolphin Trainer

3. Makeup Artist

4. Concert Pianist who travels Europe

5. Business Lawyer


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