I’m Autumn and I’m an…



During a spontaneous brunch date with my good friend, Morgan, I asked her the question, “If you could be known by one word artistically or other, what would it be?”

We both pondered this and discussed. It is a difficult question because both of us and I’m sure many of you readers, have a lot of different interests and could be known for many skills/endeavors.

Along with other artist, we don’t always identify our passions with who we are individually.

I always introduce myself as Autumn who works in property management. I’m thankful for my job, of course, but I don’t love it and don’t really want to be known for that all the time. I’d really like to be known for something I love and that I’m good at.

What if we introduced ourselves as our artistic personalities instead of what you do for our professions (unless they are the same for you, then that’s awesome!)? I’d like more people to know me as Autumn the artist or Autumn the photographer. Not because I’m extra good at it or that it’s the only thing I do but simply because it’s something I love the most like other people who are writers, poets, readers, painters, portrait artist, bakers, cooks, dancers….

How about you? What artistic passion would you like to be known for?


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