Confidence IS Key


Have a reason for the things you do, make a decision and forget about it.

I was sitting at my sisters Richfield Ambassador program the other night and the girls had to answer the same question for the audience which, in accordance with the Roaring 1920’s theme was, “What is your greatest luxury?” They all had a luxury in mind and had to explain why. Sometimes, in my mind, the answer I have seems enough. For example, “Why do you like banana muffins? Because they are my favorite flavor.” A more thorough answer might be, “I love them because of the flavor and because they provide a great breakfast by keeping me full until midmorning snack. They are somewhat healthy. I can grab them fast as I go out the door with my non-travel mug of coffee – very dangerous. They are an easy, affordable thing to make every Sunday afternoon for the workweek.

I challenge you to think about having reasons for the things you do. I’m sure you do but actually articulate them for yourself. I believe this could affect you in more ways than you think. If you have concrete reasons for the things you do, this may give more confidence, a needed trait.

I’ve realized that you just have to have confidence. Not necessarily in any THING but you just have to have it. This is one way to gain it. Know the reasons why you do things, believe things, pursue things. Take time to think, consider and decide. I am sometimes an overthinker and get caught up in so much thinking, it’s hard then for me to actually do. Hey, maybe you spontaneous, doers out there can write me a blogpost on how to not take life too seriously. But for real, take a page from my blog and be more sure of your beliefs, pursuits and ultimately yourself.

Other Ways to Apply Thoughts of Confidence?

One time a group of people at a theater cast party were admiring a cast members hat and how well she pulled of the stylish piece. She responds, “The greatest ‘hat advice’ I’ve ever received was to simply ‘put your hat on and forget it’s there.” This may be easier said than done sometimes, but it makes sense. Make a decision, stick with it and forget about it if you have to in order to stay committed and confident.

And there’s your positive thinking spiel for the day. Happy Monday!


5 thoughts on “Confidence IS Key

  1. Hey, I’m an overthinker, too. I’ve learned to do things because I enjoy/prefer/like it, rather than box it’s “the thing.” It’s more fun just being yourself anyway 🙂


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