Summer Goals


Eating /Banana Muffins for breakfast
Drinking / Cucumber infused everything
Practicing /Eye shadowing skills
Mastering / Blogging; Social Endeavor, Autumn Kovach Photography, Hits and Covers
Learning / How to take artistically out-of-focus shots
Trying / To get a summer/weekend job
Playing / Dancing and exploring speakeasies around Minneapolis
Finishing / Work projects more timely
Reading /About Audrey Hepburn and the book Bossypants
Remembering / That life fades so fast – hold on to God
Wearing / Dresses!
Cooking / Stir-fry with different sauces
Working / Towards contentment in Christ and therefore everything
Traveling / To NYC.Pittsburg.Philadelphia.Allentown
Wanting / To move to the east coast

Inspired by The Otter Dance

Summer I


5 thoughts on “Summer Goals

  1. Great summer goal list. Maybe I should share mine. This is a great idea! I am with you on the blogging. I want to take my blogs to the next level. Bossypants was good. If you like that you will love Mindy Kaling’s Book: Is everyone hanging out without me. The East Coast is awesome!


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