New Blogging Endeavors


Hello Readers!

Thank you for following my blog! At the start of this project, I didn’t know where Social Endeavor would take me. There have been some new developments and discoveries as I have created new projects out of this one; two new blogs.



1) The first one is Autumn Kovach Photography

I’ve wanted to start a photography blog for a long time and finally decided it’s time. If you’ve been following social endeavor or know me personally at all, you’d know that this is a passion of mine. I concluded that I should have one place where I keep photos only. I hope you enjoy it and the future posts to come.

2) The second one on Tumblr called Hits and Covers

The posts on Social Endeavor that I’ve created lately have been comparisons of my favorite bands or songs I come across that have remixed songs with their own style. Along with having a strictly photography blog, I thought having a music blog would also be a smart and fun idea. To put it on Tumblr was my friend Joy’s idea. Check hers out HERE! Take a look…or listen!


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