3. Teaching + Relocation; Abby Snyder



Abby Snyder is a young professional who moved from Tampa FL to Minneapolis, MN in 2011. What brought her to the Twin Cities was Teach For America as well as a relationship. Listen in on what it was like for her to move cross-country to a new midwest culture and, dare I say, climate of Minnesota. Listen in as we discuss what it is like moving to a new city, engaging into new communities as well as encountering stereotypes and social norms. Hear how she encountered long-distance relationship challenges and career successes. As you will hear, Abby enjoys many things of Minneapolis has to offer including book club, social dancing and church small group. She is currently the talent recruiter at the same school where she fulfilled her two years of teaching in Teach for America.


4 thoughts on “3. Teaching + Relocation; Abby Snyder

  1. This is wonderful! I’m going to be doing something similar on my blog soon called the Latina Professionals Series, I think it’s great to share the stories of inspiring women!


    1. Thanks for the encouragement Jen! Best wishes with your project! I highly recommend it – it’s been so fun! Visit back and let me know the link when you get it started. I’d love to support in any way I can!


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