Take Yourself on a Date

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One night, I wanted to go to a speakeasy-inspired bar, put on a black dress and purchase a fancy drink but had no one to go with. It was that moment when you realize the list of friends you go through are all coupled up with significant others or simply have other plans…without you. It took some encouragement from my roommate to just go do it and take myself out on a date. My gosh, why not? No one knows what I like best than myself. Even when I talk to married couples, their individual ideal date is different from their partners, which is a way the give-and-take comes in. All this to say, married or single, sometimes you need to take matters into your own hands and stop letting your date night happiness depend on other people.

the-artists-waySo that’s what I did; my first stop was to walk around the Guthrie Theater and reminisce over my time I spent interning there a year ago. Memories flooded back and the emotions were as fresh as yesterday. Do you ever do that? Go to a place you know well but visit infrequently. I strongly encourage this on an “alone date.” Only you experience memories the same way as you perceived them happening. This can be a healing or refreshing process.

I toured the bookstore where I stumbled upon “The Artists Way” flashcards. I’ve read this book a couple times and think every artist should read it. The flashcards detailed creative exercises that, we artists can do in order to keep our “artist child,” as the book calls us, alive. I think that it also would create a wonderful guild for a blog.


Parlour Bar, Minneapolis, MN Katie Cannon / Heavy Table

The second stop of the night was Parlour; a bar that promises strong and tasty drinks. My hesitation for going there was that it is typically a crowded place and honestly, I’ve never been to a bar all by myself. I figured, if I ever want to move someplace new someday, going to new places alone will be something I will have to be ok with. I used it as a creative exercise where I simply observed the activity of the bar scene. It turned out to be invigorating.

An interesting thought crossed my mind; in a place that is typically a spot to meet people (a bar), not one person approached me. At various times, I am sure I appeared like I was waiting for someone, simply alone, bored, in my own world, sad or amused…I was literally a wall flower and no one picked me out. I certainly could have reached out to people too but had planned that this was a night for myself. Still, somehow it surprised me that the only person who reached out to me was the bartender from across the room. Overall, it was fine; I thoroughly enjoyed my drink, experienced downtown Minneapolis, which is always a favorite thing and expanded my comfort zone.

So next time you find yourself “all dressed up and nowhere to go,” push yourself out the door, outside the box to a place where it will make you think creatively. As a single young professional, start crossing out reasons to not do something and replace them with reasons to do what you love!

Change common surroundings; encounter uncommon thoughts


2 thoughts on “Take Yourself on a Date

  1. I think it’s awesome you took yourself on a date! I’ve done that a few times and the first time or two I was really nervous, but you’re right that there is something really refreshing about it. I remember one day in college I went to the mall and just had a total me day. I only went in stores I was really excited about, bought a few things for myself, and had a nice lunch while reading a book by one of my favorite Russian authors. Even five years later I still remember it and smile!


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