Maintaining Inspiration


Is it possible to be in a constant state of inspiration?

Take Blogging for example. A few weeks ago I posted an entry every day to see if I would reach more people. I went from great responses at first and then by the end of the week, nothing. I was trying to see if the frequency of my postings would generate more traffic but it has more to do with quality over quantity (as I’m sure you experienced bloggers can attest). As my postings became more frequent, I became less excited about them. They became shorter and less inspiring, even to me. I want my posts to be something I’m proud of not just something that I have to crank out in order to keep people engaged. I read some blogging advice recently that suggested not looking at the stats because it that’s what you’re blogging for, you’re going to get discouraged. Felt that. So now, I’m back to where I started; blogging because I want to learn, and have a place to share that knowledge. If people want to join me, I’m thrilled! If not, I’m still doing what I need to for finding fulfillment in a creative outlet.

Another example of lack of motivation/inspiration I’m feeling is in my job search. I’m feeling burnt out and less successful because of it.

In light of that, my good friend encouraged me recently to take a break from job hunting. After a serious meltdown a few days ago, she helped me realize that I’ve been on this quest for about a year. That’s a long time. Yes, I’ve had a full time job that has paid the bills and is low stress, etc. and I’m thankful for that. I’ve been wanting to move on for quite a while for various reasons and it’s been mentally exhausting to feel stuck. My goal is to start a job that would put me on a career tract, even if it’s not my “dream job,” I’m hoping for some direction in the next step. Since I haven’t found this yet, I’ve gotten discouraged and somewhat desperate. My friend suggested taking a month off but I’m going to start off with a week break. This break will mean:

  • No job searches on search engines
  • No cover letter writing
  • No resume editing
  • No intentional networking
  • More book reading
  • More blogging
  • More social dancing
  • More running
  • More serving or investing in other people

This will be a guilt-less break where I won’t let myself feel bad for not job searching. I didn’t realize how much it felt like school still; always a mental weight of feeling like I’m not doing enough work. I just need to let some things go. I trust the right job will come at the exact right time. Maybe I need to step back and let things fall into place.

So, no I don’t think that it is possible to maintain a complete, 100% inspiration. I believe that inspiration can be maintained in varying degrees that reach for fullness but sometimes people just need to take a break too. What do you think? Are there good (or bad) things in your life that you need to take a break from in order to gain back inspiration. How do you maintain inspiration and productivity if a break is not an option?


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