10 Reasons to Earn a Business Degree


Unless you plan on going into a field where there are specific educational requirements to get a job such as nursing or engineering, I believe that business is one of the most valuable degrees. I highly recommend earning a degree in business and here’s why;

1. Business is everywhere. No matter what job, you will always work for a company. The world operates and runs on money as much as I hate to admit that. So it is not a bad idea to understand how businesses work. You will always be a part of the business chain in some way.


Guthrie Badge

2. It is a very informative degree. My professors were constantly having me read the Wall Street Journal and creating writeups about what is happening in the news and I felt in-the-know on current events. Business decisions affects everything from government relations, healthcare, local businesses, road construction, etc.

 3. Use business skills to support and promote non-business passion.  As I sat in my “Business of Photography” class one day it occurred to me; “I don’t need a degree in photography to have a business, I need to have a business degree to have a business.” I wanted to earn a degree in the arts such as theater or photography but did not think I could make a living off of it. Now I realize I can still promote the arts with my business degree, which is how I got an internship at the Guthrie Theater.

4. It gives a well-rounded view of business roles. Algebra, statistics, finance and accounting were not my strengths but I loved that I learned about them to appreciate the strengths of the people who do and also to know which area I will not be pursuing for a career.


Finance Homework

5. You do not necessarily need to be good at math to earn this degree. This was my biggest fear when I considered a business degree. It depends on your level of motivation but I truly believe that anyone can earn a business degree even if your strength is not in math. I took college algebra three times before finally getting an “A.” There are tutors and teachers that love to help. Reach out to them, it’s their job.

6. Through the undesirable courses, you will find direction. My grades and experience in the class dictated what I am currently pursuing. I knew what fields I didn’t want to go into; my “C” classes (finance, statistics and accounting) or my “B” classes (legal business and operations management) but did believe I should pursue my “A” classes (management and marketing).

7. You will never have to admit, “I never used my degree in my current job.” By simply being an employee, I use business skills. No, algebra does not follow me in my daily life but the lesson I learned from algebra does: Learning things I am not naturally good at creates endurance, perseverance and satisfaction in mastering something I didn’t think I could. If you’re making money in some way or even volunteering, business principles will always apply to your job.

8. Business principles can be applied to your personal life. Things such as budgeting, communication styles, and organization, among other concepts can translate into a book club, church functions, your children’s girls scout group. Social groups need marketers and treasurers too.  Networking is a necessary trait in order to survive in the business world as well as a valuable tool for discovering new people and opportunities in other areas of interest.


And you’ll sometimes match your boss.

9. As a businessperson, there is an opportunity to make a difference in a big way. In some positions, there is a huge responsibility to be good examples of how to handle money with integrity, being generous, creating a culture where workers want to be. There are opportunities to be leaders in any role but as a business leader, there is a greater responsibility to fight greed and selfishness and exhibit humility instead in a way that is countercultural.

10. You can wear professional clothes. Perhaps the least noble reason and one that may not apply to everyone but dressing up for work gets me in the mindset of doing a good job, acting professionally and presenting myself well everyday for the people I serve and coworkers who strive to work hard too.


2 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Earn a Business Degree

  1. I totally agree Autumn!

    There is so much that we learn at uni that we don’t even realise we are applying in our everyday lives – especially how to meet deadlines, how to work in groups and even little things like how to write a professional email and how to have a conversation with someone you’ve never met before. Even though the areas I’m studying are slightly more specific than business, there is still a lot of overlap between what I’m studying and a business degree and I’ve found a lot of things so helpful!

    Sam xx


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