Hobby or Career?


It was girls night tonight with my three lovely roommates. Among our Toppers Pizza, homemade desserts and wine, we discussed talents/skills and whether they should be turned into a career or be left as personal hobbies.

Lauren, Abby, Me, Brit

Lauren, Abby, Me, Brit

  • Lauren is a fabulous baker and author of her blog, Piping Dreams
  • Abby is a very skilled artist of many mediums; drawing, painting, writing
  • I am a portrait photographer
  • Brit is a fantastic interior decorator

It has been suggested to Lauren by tasters of her wonderful creations that she should open up a bakery. In our discussion, she said she thinks that that would take the fun out of baking for her. Since her desserts are often conjured up spontaneously based on inspiration, her creativity would be somewhat stifled if she became obligated to produce mass amounts of the same thing. Personally, I think she would be great at that, however I totally know how she feels.

When I was 16, I studied with a wonderful wedding photographer, Gil Martinez of Martinez Photography. He taught me everything I know about composition, framing, posing, shooting, editing, business and how to be an overall great photographer. I started going to school for that in order to start my own business but quickly realized that I really don’t like the idea of taking pictures of strangers or everyone I knew. My joy in capturing these photos is doing it for people that I love and preserving meaningful moments for them. Who knows if that will change but the moral of this story is that sometimes hobbies are better left as hobbies.

“It is a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.” 

This is truly beautiful in some cases but not always. No one should feel obligated to make their passion their career. And on the flip side, do not wait until that paid position comes along to do something that you want to make into a passion right now. For instance, I would also really like to be a journalist but I don’t have to wait to be a paid journalist to be one. I can interview people now and can continue to do so through meeting, blogging and perhaps starting a podcast someday.

Challenge yourself to grow creatively and professionally and seek wisdom to know when they should come together or remain blissfully apart.


2 thoughts on “Hobby or Career?

  1. “Challenge yourself to grow creatively and professionally and seek wisdom to know when they should come together or remain blissfully apart.” Love that!

    I agree with your friend Lauren – I LOVE baking but it would become completely different if it was your business! It would become a chore and I wouldn’t want to do it in my spare time either.

    Loved this post 🙂

    Sam xx


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