Recent Discovery: Podcasts


I have a new discovery; Podcasts are amazing. Think about it; listeners have the opportunity to observe a conversation that they may never would have been a part of with their favorite celebrity, author or entrepreneur.

My intention is to listen to podcasts about business but until then, I’ve stumbled upon some sessions that also spark my passion for art, specifically screenwriting.

Professor BJosh-Radnorlastoff  is a good, comedic podcast and the episode with Josh Radnor was really great. I admire Josh’s work as a writer, director and, of course, as an actor. He is most known for his role in How I Met Your Mother. I also really enjoyed his film, Liberal Arts because of its indie feel and its grasp on real life. One thing that he said stuck with me about how he, and I’m sure other writers, feel like they are just stating the obvious but people treat it like it is so profound. This was encouraging to me because sometimes I feel like I have common thoughts that everyone else does so why should I write it. People should write even if it feels obvious because people will either learn something new or identify a shared human experience.

Kristen WiigKristen Wiig is also someone in the entertainment industry that I admire. She interviewed on Alec Baldwin’s show Here’s The Thing. I loved that she did not intend on being an actress or consider it until after college. She, like Josh is a writer as she co-wrote Bridesmaids (one of my favorites). She was totally surprised by her talent which I think gives her a trait of constant humility. Through this podcast, I learned more about her perspective as an actress in regards to how people treat her as a celebrity. If I should be so honored to make her acquaintance or anyone half as famous, I would say, “thanks for being honest and for being a humbly, brave artist that follows your dreams from what skills and talent you’ve been given.” This realistic aspect can and should inspire many. We all have different talents and often times do not know where they are going to take us. Celebrities are often portrayed as having it all together but having her humble approach makes them feel as they truly are; just like us.

Kristen and Josh are both wrapping up huge projects; Kristen from SNL after seven years and Josh from How I Met Your Mother after nine. Best wishes to both of you! 

Upon my podcast discovery,Passion  I brought this topic to my blues dancing community. Great conversation sparks greater conversation, it turns out. Here are some glimpses of topics that I think would make fantastic podcast recordings, as I’m now extremely inspired to start one myself.

Forest: Loves to write and has been writing for six years. Not just write, but hand writing. He wants to create a book that is a hard bound with empty pages that can be filled with life experiences that he meets in places not yet traveled. In regards to podcasts, he commented that at this stage of technology, we have endless access to information. Now we can really choose what information we want to know and stay current on.

Kate: Said that she has always wanted to start a podcast and is working on a blog about feminism and how we, as women have more choices than we did before, which was the burden. Now we have so many choices, which has also become a burden now.  She also confessed her lack of enthusiasm for her current job and said that she would probably be better at it if she cared but she doesn’t. Oh, how relatable humans are.

Aren’t people cool? What podcasts do you follow?


5 thoughts on “Recent Discovery: Podcasts

  1. LOOOOOOVE this post! haha I’m so happy to hear you share my love for podcasts! I’m going to download the episodes you talked about, they sound so awesome!

    Sam xx


  2. I used to listen to Dan Savage’s podcasts every now and then when I was in college, and he came to my school to give a talk. He was hilarious. I’d love to listen to that podcast with Kristen Wiig. I adore her and think she’s so talented and seems really down to earth, a winning combination in my book!


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