A Saturday Shopping Steal


My style is a result of a lack of means. Since I can’t just order clothes online whenever I feel like it or buy the whole outfit off the mannequin at the turn of the season, I am forced to be creative with mixing and matching and I’ve learned to love it!

I think all of those hours on Pinterest are finally paying off. Today, I was able to piece together a jewelry set and shirt on a budget by shopping in the clearance section. My friends are constantly amazed at the savings I find through my shopping. It’s not necessarily because I have a great eye for what goes together but because I limit myself to a certain budget which then cuts down my options. DSC_4405About the outfit: I have fallen in love with gold jewelry and long earrings so those were a must. Also, Pairing a statement necklace with a casual shirt is something I learned from my roommate as I would never have thought to do that. I love how the dark, blackish jewels tie the black stripes and silver buttons together. The earrings are textured so they not too shiny, which again lends itself to the casual feel of the outfit.

Earrings from Herberger’s: $4.37

Necklace from Herbergers: $7.72

Shirt from H&M: $7.00

Total = $20.09

How much more I didn’t spend: 48.74

Creating outfits with fewer options is actually helpful and, I think, what makes a true fashionista.


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