Learning in Real Life


Networking and job hunting is exciting, nerve wracking and, of course extremely informative. At this stage in my career, I feel confident and prepared but am constantly being humbled as I discover more things than I thought possible.

I always loved the idea of interviewing people and thought I would be good at it. But yet again, this phase after college proves how much I have yet to learn. A few weeks ago, I completed my second informational interview with a wonderful CEO who was so gracious and patient with me in our conversation about his company and perspective on the marketing industry.

Campus MediaInformational Interviewee: Tom Borgerding, Founder and President 

Company: Campus Media Group

What is your favorite part of your job? The people, making a difference, seeing lives change.

What did you study in college: Entrepreneurship and Marketing at Carlson School of Business.

What ethical principles/theories inspire you? Not just one, but biblical principles should dictate all business decisions.

How do you stay current on your industry knowledge? Attend trade shows, read newsletters, talk to other CEOs, read books

What books are you reading now? Neuro Web Design: What Makes Them Click by Susan M. Weinschenk and The 5 Levels of Leadership: Proven Steps to MAximize Your Potential by John C. Maxwell

How transient are job positions in the industry? Do people move around a lot? It depends on the person and the organization. Campus Media Group encourages their employees to learn and grow into new roles.

What is the corporate culture like? The staff is made up of experts who get the job done. People who are committed to following the core values of learning, innovation, communication and execution. 

What are your thoughts on earning an MBA degree? For someone heading into the corporate sector; definitely yes. For someone looking into a smaller company/non-profit sector: not necessary.

What is the best way to network in this field? Get out there and do it: stay fresh, get involved, intern, volunteer. Check out local groups including MIMA (Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association), PRSA (Public Relations Resources), AMA (American Marketing Association), AdFed

What types of entry level positions would you recommend searching for? Take a different approach: ask “what type of things do I enjoy doing? How do I work best: in groups or independently, on one project or many all at once.” The answers to these questions will dictate what work environment would fit the personality. In a corporate setting, projects tend to be broken down into one per person while in smaller companies, employees may be assigned to a couple accounts. Smaller companies tend to also have more diversity and have a strong team focus. 

What advice would you give someone starting and maintaining a blog? Have an opinion, write “I like this book because…” Report whether it was good or bad and why you liked or disliked an experience. 

Since our interview, I’ve been inspired to check out the resources he mentioned. There are endless volunteer and networking opportunities that I am excited to jump in to. I’ve started following all of them on Facebook and Twitter now that I’m back on these social media outlets. I already knew that I have so much to learn but now I need to act on that realization.

I was especially encouraged by his advise about blogging. As I’ve mentioned before, this is my fourth blog I’ve started and am determined to keep running for longer than a few months. Hopefully longer. Tom’s advise has already helped me to not  be hindered by my own limitations of what I allow myself to write about. I hope that inspires others to write unabashedly about what they are most passionate about.

Finally, I realized that instead of searching for that “perfect” position, I’ve focused more on figuring out what I like to do and what type of environment I would like to work in. I love working on many projects at once and also enjoy collaborating with other people in group projects. I’ve been able to actually broaden my job search with those factors in mind.


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